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Bluffton University provides an opportunity for Bluffton High School students to enroll in university courses for high school and/or college credit. At this time, we are not able to open articulation agreements with other high schools. The intent of the program is to enrich the learning of high school students; not to replace courses offered at the high school level. Read the following information carefully.

Program Guidelines
  • Students interested in participating in CCP at Bluffton University must submit an online application for admission into the program along with a teacher's recommendation,and a transcript with ACT/SAT scores listed.
  • The deadline for new applications is May 1 for fall semester and Dec. 1 for spring semester No exceptions. Note: Students who met the May 1 deadline DO NOT need to re-apply by Dec. 1. The December deadline is for students who missed the May deadline and wish to take courses in spring semester.
  • Students who have previously taken CCP courses through Bluffton University DO NOT need to re-apply each year. By listing Bluffton on their letter of intent (due to the high school by April 1) and sending an updated transcript, their participation is confirmed.
  • Students must meet both the Bluffton University admission standards as well as the college readiness standards as defined by the state of Ohio. Please see your guidance counselor for more detail.
  • CCP course registration will be mid-August for fall semester and mid-December for spring semester.
  • Admission to the CCP program does not guarantee that a student will be able to enroll in any given course since the university has a primary obligation to first serve the needs of the university’s degree-seeking students.
  • Unless previously approved by the course instructor and the registrar, no more than 15 percent of the students in any course section shall be CCP students.
  • Students are responsible for consulting with their high school guidance counselor to determine if and how courses completed through CCP will be granted as credit toward high school graduation requirements.
  • Prior to course registration, all admitted students must attend a CCP orientation session held on Bluffton's campus in August. 
  • Students in CCP will be limited to 30 college credit hours per academic year. Students can earn a maximum of 120 college credit hours while in the program.
  • The high school guidance counselor will monitor the total number of credit hours a student takes.
  • Registration will be based on a first-come, first-served basis, determined by the date of application submission.
  • The registrar’s office will annually compile a list of courses for which accepted CCP students will be allowed to register, based on space availability. Course selection will be limited each semester.
  • CCP students must return textbooks and any software on the last day of exams for each semester. Grades will not be released until textbooks and software are returned. (This does not apply to students continuing in classes that require the same textbook the next semester.)
  • Failure to pass, complete or properly drop a course for reasons other than those accepted by the student’s school district may result in any or all financial obligation for the course defaulting to the student or the student’s parent.
  • If you enroll at Bluffton University after high school graduation, the credit earned will be applied toward graduation requirements.

Application Procedures

1. Complete all pages of the application.

2. Submit an official copy of your high school transcript and ask a teacher who knows you well to fill out the teacher recommendation form.

3. Application and teacher recommendation form must be received by 5 p.m. on May 1 (or 5 p.m. on December 1 for those who miss the May 1 deadline and wish to take spring courses). Transcript can be received by guidance counselor after this date.

4. Students will receive email notification of their admission status and subsequent orientation information as they are accepted. 

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Personal Information 

Enrollment Options
Courses will be taken at Bluffton University and taught by a Bluffton University professor.
Optional Information
Bluffton University admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin, regardless of gender or diability.  Information provided here will be used to document our adherence to the affirmative action program and to conduct institutional research.  It will in no way affect your application.

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In applying for admission to Bluffton University under the CCP program, I certify that the information provided on this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and am fully aware of the advantages and possible risks and consequences of participation.  In signing this application, I acknowledge that enrollment in this program does not guarantee admission as a first-year student at Bluffton University after high school graducation.  I acknowledge that I have read and will adhere to the campus standards and expectations at Bluffton University.  I further agree that the university has my consent to ntoify my parents, may school district superintendent and the state superintendent of public instruction of my enrollment and grades in classes at Bluffton University.

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Parent Consent
The high school has counseled me regarding the consequences of participation in this program, and my son/daughter has my approval to apply for admission and enroll at Bluffton University as a CCP program student.  The university has my consent to notify the school district superintendent and the state superintendent of public instruction of my son's/daughter's enrollment and grades in classes at Bluffton University.  I understand this program that:

- High School students so enrolled will be treated as university-level students, and the expectations projected in the classes will be those normally expected of university students.
- High School students so enrolled will be held to the same standard of behavior as university students and are subject to the same disciplinary procedures as university students.
- By my signature below, I endorse and support my son or daughter participating in this program at Bluffton University should he or she be admitted to the program.

Page 5 of 5 - Please read and submit application representing your agreement to uphold the campus standards.  

Campus Standards
Bluffton University provides a unique campus environment.  The rules regulating campus conduct contribute to that environment.  Rules prohibiting smoking, drinking and drugs on campus are based on consideration of health, cleanliness, safety and regard for others.  The university realizes its rules cannot regulate the behavior of students when they are not under its jurisdiction.  However, off-campus behavior still remains a matter of concern to the campus community.  Off-campus conduct may detrimentally affect not only a student's academic effectiveness, but also the life and activities of others.  Bluffton retains the right to exclude anyone whoes conduct does injury to self or the campus community.  Students are admitted to Bluffton University with the understanding that they will be responsible members of the academic community.

As members of this community, students are encouraged to worship regularly on campus and in the church of their choice.  In addition, the board of trustees, in cooperation with faculty, staff and students, has determined specific standards conducive to cooperative community living at Bluffton University.  Specific expectations are:

- Practice openness and honesty in all your relations with members of the community, faculty, staff and students.
- Conduct yourself with respect for persons and property.
- Practice the Honor System in taking examinations and writing research papers.
- Refrain from patterns of behavior that cause injury to self and others: e.g., smoking, drinking, drug use, gambling, sexual exploitation and profanity.
- The use of tobacco on campus, on all official university trips (e.g., athletics, field trips, student teaching and at university-sponsored activities is prohibited.
- The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on campus nor at any university-sponsored activity.  If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages while off campus, the university expects strict compliance with federal, states and local laws, and that students do not call attention to themselves.  Persons who make a habit of drinking or who disrupt campus life with unseemly behavior as a result of drinking are subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or dismissal.
- The illegal use or possession of hallucinogenic or narcotic drugs, including marijuana, is prohibited.
- In-room and floor visitation by members of the opposite gender is permitted only during special hours.
- Self-selective fraternities and sororities are not permitted.

In this campus community, both students and faculty share the responsibility of maintaining campus standards.  Disciplinary cases are normally resolved through the campus judicial system.  Infraction of the rules and any serious misconduct become the concern of the faculty and students who are a part of the judicial system.  For your welfare and in the best interests of the campus community, the university reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student at any time college authorities deem such action necessary.

Taken from the Bluffton University catalog: